With our online Beach Tennis training platform you can learn from the best players in the world – you are a beginner, an amateur, a pro player or a coach? Great, you will improve like never before!

Unlock your potential with our technical classes, tactic and mental advices, athletic workouts, and many more — everything you need to reach your Beach Tennis goals

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Beach Tennis Basics

"How to hold the racket - the grip" by Vini Font

"How to move on a Beach Tennis court - initial position" by Vini Font

and more...

Basic Techniques

"Defense" by Nikita Burmakin

"Drop shot & lob" by Thales Santos

"Serve" by Giulia Gasparri

"Smash" by Nicolas Gianotti

"Return" by Doriano Beccacciolli

"Volley" by Maraike Biglmaier

"Windmill" by Nikita Burmakin

and more...

Basics Tactics

"Aggressive game" by Aksel Samardzic

"Drop shot and lob" by Thales Santos

"Game Strategy - how to prepare the point" by Sofia Cimatti

"Right side game" by Giulia Gasparri

and more ...

Advanced Techniques

"Aggressive windmill" by Sofia Cimatti

"Entering after the partner's serve" by Mattia Spoto

"Footwork on the left side of the court" by Ninny Valentini

"How to dive" by Flavia Muniz

"Jumping smash" by Theo Irigaray

"Lob serve" by Joana Cortez

"No-show - forehand volley" by Marcela Vita

"Rainbow" by Ninny Valentini

and more ...

Advanced Tactics

"Advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed" by Thales Santos

"How to play as a small player" by Diego Bolletinari

"Strategies playing with the wind" by Maraike Biglmaier

and more ...

Athletic Training

"Conditional capabilities of the body" by Andrea Stuto

"Squat" by Andrea Stuto

"Mobility Training" by Andrea Stuto

"Physical preparation for the Beach Tennis court" by Gerard Rodriguez

and more ...

Mental Strength

"Mental Strength in Beach Tennis" by Allan Oliveira

"Mental Strength in Beach Tennis" by Aksel Samardzic

Exercises for Mental Strength:

  • Goal Setting
  • Your Beliefs
  • Journal
  • Reflexions
  • Performance Pressure
  • Flow

and more ...

Interviews & Storytelling

"Gara's Beach Tennis journey" by Marco Garavini

"Marcela's journey from top 20 to top 10 of the world” by Marcela Vita

Introducing "crazy Matty" by Mattia Spoto

"Sam's journey and the developemnt of Beach Tennis" by Samantha Barijan

"Tommy's Beach Tennis journey and his way to the USA" by Tommy Giovannini

“Vitoria’s journey to become a top 10 player at the age of 16” by Vitoria Marchezini

and more ...


"Core rotation for the serve" by Maraike Biglmaier

"Drill to improve the attacking game" by Maraike Biglmaier

"Drill to improve the defending game" by Maraike Biglmaier

"Rhythm exercise - transition from defense to offense" by Diego Bollettinari

"Warm-up Crabby Crab" by Maraike Biglmaier

and more...

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The best players of the world share their stories, instructions, drills, failures & successes.

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Meet the best players of the world and watch lessons as they share their stories, instruction, drills, failures & successes in our Masterclass.



What is the Beach Tennis Masterclass?

The Beach Tennis Masterclass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch lessons online of the world’s best Beach Tennis players.

Video lessons are online available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, personal computer or tablet.

What is included in the Masterclass subscription?

The membership includes access to 40+ online classes taught by the world’s best players.

Each class includes a video with a length of 2-10 minutes. At least every week you get a new video to improve your game.

You have unlimited access to all videos as long as you are subscribed.

Where can I watch?

... anytime, anywhere and on any device, including smartphones, personal computers or tablets.

After you have signed up, you will receive an email with all important information. There you can also find the link to log in and watch your first Masterclass video.

You can also use an app to watch all videos of the Beach Tennis Masterclass on your smartphone or tablet! 

Here is a guideline for the download:

1. Go to your App- or Google-Play-Store and download the app: “Beach Tennis Masterclass” (for free)

App Store

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2. Sign-in as usual to your account and enjoy the content 

The app is a bit more user-friendly for mobile devices than the website. However, you can of course also continue watching the content on the website/browser.

When should I subscribe?

The Beach Tennis Masterclass has a value for all skill levels.

Each video offers educational and inspirational content for everyone.
We consider the content particularly relevant for 3 groups of people:

BEACH TENNIS STUDENTS - From beginner to advanced, the platform is created in such a way that it has a great learning impact for all skill levels.

PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS - Many advice and tips for young and rising professionals can help them bring out their best and make it to the top.

COACHES AND SCHOOLS - The content of the classes is designed to have an educational impact. The lessons are thought out in a didactic way and are already used by coaches and schools all over the world to pass on the expert knowledge to their students. We have a special offer for coaches and schools to be part of our Masterclass journey. If you are interested and want to hear more about your opportunities, send us an email to


How much does the Masterclass cost?

The annual membership is 9.90€ per month (billed annualy) and the monthly membership is 39.90€. Both memberships provide unlimited access to all classes and new classes as they launch.

How does the 7-day money back guarantee work?

Our goal is to make sure that you have the best learning experience possible. That’s why you are able to cancel you subscription in the first 7 days and you get your money back.
If the Beach Tennis Masterclass isn’t for you, then you can simply cancel in the first 7 days and you get a full refund of your payment.

Just send us an email to with your account information.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership renewal by sending us an email to Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.

Until now it is not possible to cancel the subscription through your account due to technical reasons. 

If you have more questions, contact us through email via We’re happy to help!

News & Updates

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