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Marco Garavini

3x World Champion
Puma & Gara
Italy 🇮🇹
Coming from:
Ravenna, Italy
Rome, Italy
Date of Birth:
181 cm
Age started:
12 (1996)
Best World Ranking:
Italian, a bit English & Spanish
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About Marco

Before they called me “PUMA”, I had another nickname … they used to call me “LUPIN” because of my similarities to the cartoon! 🤣 

Since I was very young, I have dedicated all my life to sports, dreaming of becoming an athlete to remember in some sport one day. And I think I have reached my goal in the world of BEACH TENNIS!! Other than that, I don’t really like talking about myself. I prefer if other people talk about me … 😉

Professional skills

Tactical strategy
Mental strength

My favorite athlete

Michael Jordan

My favorite book

I like fantasy books

My favorite hobby

card games & poker

Questions to Marco

What is your favorite tournament?

Aruba … for the incredible atmosphere!!! 🤩

How and why did you start playing Beach Tennis?
In Ravenna (Italy) in the summer … I started just for fun with friends.
What is your favorite sport besides Beach Tennis?
Do you have any role models in the sport world?
No, I don’t have.
What is the goal in your Beach Tennis career?
I have already achieved all my goals! Now I just want that people will remember me 😉
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Marco's favorite products

racket: Sexy - Rasta Woddy
clothes: Sexy

More facts about Marco

Greatest successes:

🌏🏆 3x World Champion
🥇 7x European Champion
🇮🇹🥇12x times Italian Champion


My main sponsor is the “Sexy Brand”.

I don’t have a manager.
At the moment I’m a BTS school teacher in Rome (Italy) and I’m organizing clinics all around the world! My future goal is to become the coach of a professional male and female team.
Double partner:
I don’t have a permanent partner at the moment.
Mixed double partner:
My historic “old mixed partner” has always been Federica Bacchetta 🙂.
ITF profile:

Marco's photo gallery

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