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Samantha Barijan

World Cup Champion
Brazil 🇧🇷
Coming from:
São Paulo, Brazil
Itu, São Paulo, Brazil
Date of Birth:
Age started:
25 (2008/09)
Best World Ranking:
1 (2012/13)
Portuguese, and a bit Spanish
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About Samantha

I am the first Brazilian to rank #1 globally in Beach Tennis alongside Joana Cortez. Not only am I a Beach Tennis athlete and entrepreneur, but I’m also
known for my friendly and charismatic presence on the circuit. Off the court, I take pride in being a pet parent to my Greyhound family and actively support causes related to women’s sports.

Professional skills

Aggressive game
Patience on court
focus and perseverance

My favorite TV series

Extraordinary Attorney Woo & Sintonia

My favorite food

Japanese food 🍣 and Pizza 🍕

One secret about me

I love what I do

Questions to Samantha

What is your favorite tournament?

Aruba and Garopaba … because of the beach, weather and tournament 😍

How & why did you start playing Beach Tennis?
I got to know Teach tennis through Joana Cortez in a Tennis workshop in 2008. I went on vacation in Rio de Janeiro and got to know Beach Tennis and fell in love with both, Rio de Janeiro and Beach Tennis ❤️
What is your favorite sport besides Beach Tennis?
Tennis and Volleyball 🎾🏐 Both of these sports I was actively doing before I started with Beach Tennis.
Do you have any role models in the sport world?

I don’t have one role model… but I find motivation every day from amazing individuals and athletes who pursue their goals and overcome their own obstacles 💫 If I would have to choose my favorite Beach Tennis player, it would be Paolo Tazzari from Italy.

What is the goal in your Beach Tennis career?

As an athlete, I continually challenge myself to reach new goals and strive for evolution 💪 Beyond my athletic career, I am committed to furthering the development of the sport 📈

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More facts about Samantha

Greatest successes:

🇧🇷🏆 1x World Cup Champion with Team Brazil in 2012

🥇 3x Pan American Champion (2013, 2015, 2022)


My main sponsor is Mormaii. And I have partnerships with Arena Deco Beach and Visconde Construtora.

Daniela Bergamo
I have my own BT school and methodology. The name of my school is Basa Beach Tennis, and we are based in Itu (São Paulo) at the Arena Deco Beach, and in some other locations in Brazil.
Double partner:
I don’t have a permanent double partner at the moment.
Mixed double partner:
I don’t have a permanent mixed double partner.
ITF profile:


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