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Andrea Stuto

Pro Athletic Coach for Beach Tennis
Andrew, State, Briskola
Italy 🇮🇹
Coming from:
Pordenone, Italy
Cesena, Italy
Date of Birth:
190 cm
Age started:
19 (2012)
Best World Ranking:
9 (2018)
Italian, English & Portuguese
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About Andrea

How I “build” my Beach Tennis career? With my body … I’m very bad in ball control and touch! I trained hard to achive my goals … even without racket talent, and now I perfectly know how to build an athlete to play BT on the highest level, because I did it by myself.

Besides that, I studied Sport Science at the University, and received a Master Degree in Sport Science with a scientific thesis in “sport strength and conditioning”. And guess what … now I’m working with the best BT players in the world!

Professional skills

Training Effort
Aggressive Game

My favorite athlete

Usain Bolt

My favorite movie

Forrest Gump

A secret about me

I cried many times for Inter (soccer team)

Questions to Andrea

What is your favorite tournament?

Reunion Island! I played one of my best matches ever together with Giulia Gasparri there, and the crowd was unbelievable! And Aruba … because it’s Aruba 🙂

What is your favorite sport besides BT?
I love skiing because of the feeling of freedom! … and beach volley because I love to jump 🙂
Where & why did you start playing BT?
When I was on holidays at the Red Sea, because it was an activity from the hotel.
Do you have any role models in the sport world?

Not really … I love and respect many athletes but I want to build my own “model”

What is the goal in your BT career?

I was also working on my career besides actively playing BT, and I am the first Athletic Coach specialized for Beach Tennis players. The people know my name from my former BT career, and now I can use it for my job.

Andrea's favorite products

racket: Sexy - Rasta Woody
Athletic Training for Beach Tennis

More facts about Andre


My main sponsor is the Sexy Brand. My other sponsor is Neon Optic.


I offer Athletic Training for Beach Tennis (also online). I also give clinics and I’m an International Head Coach for BTS.

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