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Theo Irigaray

2x European Champion
France 🇫🇷
Coming from:
Réunion Island & Basque Country (France)
Cervia, Italy
Date of Birth:
185 cm
Age started:
19 (2012)
Best World Ranking:
5 (2022)
French (& Creole), English, Italian & a bit Portugese
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About Theo

I used to do a lot of surfing, and I played Tennis & Volleyball before starting with Beach Tennis.

I’m very happy to be able to live this beautiful life … traveling, earning money with my sport, and playing on a high level. A lot of people think it’s easy, but like in every sport, I have to make a lot of sacrifices … like missing moments with my family & friends, and not being able to do my other passion (surfing). And it’s important to understand that I have been doing a “long step by step process” to reach the “top”. I have put many things aside, and I have had a lot of troubles making hard choices to improve as a player. But I know these are important things, which not only make me stronger as a player but also as a person! And I will be always thankful for sports in general and especially for Beach Tennis to make me grow as a person. I got to know so many different cultures & countries, met so many great people and new friends, and I learned 3 new languages. Thanks Beach Tennis!!! ❤️🙏

Professional skills

Aggressive Game
Team player
Training effort

My favorite athletes

Rafael Nadal & Kobe Bryant

My favorite book

"The man who wanted to be happy" by Laurent Gounelle

My favorite hobby


Questions to Theo

What is your favorite tournament?

The big tournament on Réunion Island because it’s my home island! The vibes there are special for me … with my friends, my family, and on the same beach where I played BT for the very first time.

How & why did you start playing Beach Tennis?
In “Les Brisants” in St. Gilles, which is on Réunion Island. I got bored about Tennis, and it was also a crisis of sharks on Réunion Island with difficulties to surf all day long like before. So I tried this sport during my holidays and fell in love about the vibes of playing on the beach, in boardshorts, with the sunshine, going to swim after playing … and repeating it again 🙂 I also really like, that the people in Beach Tennis are so relaxed.
What is your favorite sport besides Beach Tennis?
I like every kind of sport, but surfing is special for me! It’s a unique sport with a unique feeling when you are in the water, when you are on the wave, and also the vibes with the friends on water is amazing! It is difficult to explain how this makes me feel alive! In my Beach Tennis career surfing is one of the things that I miss most!
Do you have any role models in the sport world?
Rafa Nadal & Kobe Bryant … for the dedication to reach their goals, the sacrifices on the efforts, the mentality about the victories and defeats! I identify myself to them about the hard work of training to reach my goals!
What is the goal in your Beach Tennis career?
My goal is to become the best player I can possibly be, and reach the top of my potential! And let’s see if I can reach … becoming number 1 of the world and winning big titles, like the World Championships or my home tournament in Réunion Island.
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Theo's favorite products

racket: Ocean Air - Tank 3
clothes: Maniacs

More facts about Theo

Greatest successes:

🥇 European Champion 2018 (with Mathieu Guegano) & 2022 (with Nicolas Gianotti)

🌍🏆 World Champion 2018 in mixed doubles (with Nicole Nobile)


Matteo Marighella (for BT) & Andrea Stuto (for athletic training)


My main sponsor is Ocean Air Beach Tennis. My other sponsors are SFR Reunion, Zebox, FFT, and Maniacs.

I don’t have a manager
No projects at the moment … but I am offering clinics & exhibitions worldwide.
Double partner:
I don’t have a permanent partner
Mixed double partner:
I don’t have a permanent mixed partner
ITF profile:

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