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Aksel Samardzic

Best World Ranking #9
Aruba 🇦🇼
Coming from:
Puerto Rico
Date of Birth:
195 cm
Age started:
15 (2008)
Best World Ranking:
9 (2017)
English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamento & a bit of Portuguese
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About Aksel

I am an athlete that likes to always give a 100% … win or lose … I will always keep fighting! For me giving up just is not an option! Of course you win some, you lose some! But it’s the will to keep fighting when you lose the first set, the mental strength to get back in the game and turn it all around! Because until the match is not over anything can happen! That is what I believe in, and that is who I am!

Professional skills

Aggressive Game
Mental strength

My favorite athletes

Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic, Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Lebron James

My favorite movies & TV serials

Gladiator, Troy, Game of Thrones, House of Dragons, Naruto & Dragon Ball

My favorite hobbies

Beach Tennis, Soccer, Poker, and Gym

Questions to Aksel

What is your favorite tournament?

Aruba for various reasons … 🤩

1. Obviously because I am from there so playing at home always feels different and is special! Being able to compete in my hometown means everything to me!

2. Aruba’s “One Happy Island” slogan is there for a reason, in the case of BT it’s because of its special beaches that Aruba has to offer.

3. The organization is just on a different level, everything is just so well organized! They have over a 100 people in staff making sure they cover all areas!

4. The atmosphere & energy is just different in Aruba! For the people that have been there, they know exactly what I am talking about!

Why & when did you start playing Beach Tennis?
I started playing BT in Aruba when I was 15 years old. I was invited by a couple of friends to play, and I just fell in love with the sport! But then I continued my pro soccer career, and I only started to play BT in a serious way in 2014 (with 21 years). When I came out of my injury (from soccer) BT just took over because it’s fun and you are able to travel and see different places in the world while competing!
What is your favorite sport besides Beach Tennis?
Soccer is and will always be my favorite sport because it runs in my family! For generations soccer has been in our blood, and almost everyone in the family has played on the highest level!
Do you have any role models in the sport world?
I have a couple of role models in sports! The main guys being Lebron James, Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic! They are the true definition of being the best athletes alive! Where age does not matter, where setbacks are no excuses to quit, to never give up and prove the world wrong … over and over again!
What is the goal in your Beach Tennis career?
Obviously, any athlete’s dream is to be the best in their sport! That is what we all strive for to be better than yesterday, and to set the standards always higher for yourself! No matter how long it takes, believing I will get there!
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Aksel's favorite products

racket: Ocean Air - BAZOOKA
clothes: Ocean Air

More facts about Aksel

Greatest successes:

🥈🥈🥉 2 silver & 1 bronze medal in the South American Beach Games 2019

🏆  Champion of the $50.000 ITF in Kazan, Russia in 2016 (with Vini Font)


My main sponsor is Ocean Air Beach Tennis. My other sponsors are Medalla Ultra light, Lexus Puerto Rico & Pedialyte.

Aksel Samardzic 😉
I have a school in Puerto Rico, which is called “Beach Tennis Performance“.
Double partner:
Airton Rodrigues Macedo
Mixed double partner:
Patricia Diaz
ITF profile:

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