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Thales Santos

3x World Cup Champion
Brazil 🇧🇷
Coming from:
Santos, Brazil
São Paulo, Brazil
Date of Birth:
185 cm
Age started:
24 (2010)
Best World Ranking:
3 (2016)
Portuguese, English and a bit of Spanish & Italian
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About Thales

I love to play tournaments because I can travel a lot and visit different countries and places. If I would be working in another job, I probably wouldn’t have this opportunity.

Professional skills

Tactical Strategy
Mental strength
Patience on court

My favorite athletes

Roger Federer , Gustavo Kuerten & Serena Williams

My favorite book

"The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg

A secret about me

I hate to wear clothes with red colors

Questions to Thales

What is your favorite tournament?

The World Cup in Rio de Janeiro because the atmosphere is amazing and it’s taking place in my home country Brazil.

Why did you start playing Beach Tennis?
Because I used to be a tennis player and I always love beaches. In BT I can enjoy my two passions together!
What is your favorite sport besides Beach Tennis?
Volleyball … because I used to play it for fun and enjoy watching it in TV.
Do you have any role models in the sport world?
Roger Federer, because he is not only an example as an athlete but also outside of the court.
What is the goal in your Beach Tennis career?
To improve my best career ranking … to be number 2 or 1!
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Thales favorite products

racket: Drop Shot - Premium 2.0
clothes: Drop Shot

More facts about Thales

Greatest successes:

🇧🇷🏆 3x World Cup Champion with Team Brazil

🥇 4x Pan American Champion

🥇 2x South American Champion


My main sponsor is Drop Shot. My other sponsor is Dux.

No, I don’t have a manager.
I am a coach at the “Club Calçadão” in São Paulo. I am also offering clinics & exhibitions.
Double partner:
I don’t have a permanent partner.
Mixed double partner:
I don’t have a permanent partner.
ITF profile:

Thales photo gallery

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