What is the ITF Beach Tennis Player Council?

The ITF Beach Tennis Player Council (PC) has existed since June 2019, and is basically the connecting link between players who compete on the ITF Tour and the ITF itself. The PC has 9 members (8 players and 1 national team captain) who are representing all five regions of the world, different ranking categories, and both genders.

The PC provides a platform for players to give feedback and share experiences and ideas with the ITF regarding the Beach Tennis World Tour. The PC has a crucial role in advising on various aspects such as the growth strategy of the sport, tournament standards, calendar optimization, rules and regulations, and other decisions made by the ITF Beach Tennis committee. 

ITF Beach Tennis Player Council

Which members are in the ITF Player Council 2024 and 2025?

The members who were elected at the end of 2023 for the period of 2024/2025 are as follows …


Vinicius Font (Brazil) is the chairman of the PC

Giulia Gasparri (Italy)

Satoshi Goda (Japan)

Chris Maguire (Great Britain)

Carolina Hannes (USA)

Manuela Cunha (Portugal)

Jonathan Mugisha (Uganda)

Alexandre Pereira (Brazil)

National Team Captain:

Alex Mingozzi (Brazil)

If you have any questions, ideas or initiatives for the ITF Tour from a player’s perspective, you can reach out to any of the PC members directly.

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